1. Sort Customer account(s) (list left side column) according to their reminders.
  2. Single Customer
    • Search and select an individual customer by double clicking the individual account in the list, this will only show one account in the master Customer accounts list (left Column) or…
  3. Multi Customer Batch
    • Sort multiple Customer accounts from the Reminders button (top screen) and selecting the appropriate reminder notification for multiple batch printouts.
  4. To Print notices for all Customers Sorted in the master accounts list (left column);
  5. Click the Documents button (Top Left Screen)
  6. Generate Documents and select the appropriate notice
  7. Select the Date to appear on the notice(s)
  8. The Batch Report window will open showing the newly generated notice item(s) list for each Customer account (lower section). Upper section shows batch history.
    • Select “Include all facilities” to print notice to ALL accounts in the batch or…
    • Select “Only facilities without email addresses” to print notices to only accounts without an email address.
    • (Then Select “Only facilities with email addresses” send email notifications to the remaining accounts in the batch.)
  9. Select Print Preview Printer icon (move curser to top of window to prompt, this will open your normal default print driver) and then print.
  10. In the Batch Reports Window (still open) select “ENVELOPES” to print envelopes or select “envelopes” in the “Documents” button, “Generate Documents”, Click OK on Date window
  11. Select Printer options select Com 10 to resize page and proper print tray and print.